SKY Challenge 2015

The SKY'2015 Challenge is proposed in three different tracks aiming at exploring new solutions for well-known problems in the software engineering domain:
1) the first track consists on analyzing quality in software product lines reusing the datasets available in the SPLOT repository to validate the accuracy of the proposed feature models.
2) The second track consists on providing solutions for recovering traceability links between requirements in a system and/or software development process. The solution should formally represent requirements and automatically build a traceability matrix between requirements in different scopes: stakeholder, system, functional and non-functional requirements and
3) the third track consists of analyzing existing software repositories to extract insights of the development processes. To do so, solutions should reuse the datasets and information available from different social coding platforms such as GitHub or Bitbucket to provide and discover the implicit knowledge generated in both the static social network and the stream of events. For complete details, please download the pdf file of the Call for SKY'2015 Challenge at the top of this web page.    

CFP (PDF File)